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Using decades of experience and analyzing patient outcomes, we are proud to have developed our own nomogram to treat our CONTOURA® Vision patients. Nomograms are mathematical calculations and formulas used to create a vision treatment profile for each unique patient. This proprietary nomogram can only be found at Price Vision Group and an amazing 74% of our patients are seeing better than 20/20!¹ These results are far better than any of the results achieved during FDA clinical trials.

The Vision Results in the FDA Study for CONTOURA® Vision Were the Best of any LASIK Study Ever

1 year post procedure:

  • 15.7% of eyes 20/10 or better
  • 31.6% of eyes 20/12.5 or better
  • 64.8% of eyes 20/16 or better
  • 92.6% of eyes 20/20 or better
  • 96.5% of eyes 20/25 or better

It’s important to keep these results in context in that FDA study guidelines do not allow for enhancements if the patient heals differently than expected, but when performing LASIK outside of a study, enhancements can be done. With enhancements, the actual 20/20 numbers would be much closer to 100%.