contoura eye surgery in Hyderabad


  • What is Contoura vision ?

It is the latest advancement in lasik technology. It is a topo-guided Lasik which means it corrects vision based on the corneal curvature map.

  • What is the difference between Lasik and Contoura Lasik ?

While Lasik corrects only your glass power, Contoura goes one step further by also correcting your corneal irregularities working on the visual axis, thereby providing much sharper visual outcomes.

  • Is Contoura vision safe ?

It is US FDA approved. It is the most advanced and safest technology for glasses removal. The tissue saved also is more in Contoura, making it even safer.

  • Who is eligible for Contoura vision ?

If you are above 18, and your power is stable for the past one year then it makes you a good candidate.

  • What is meant by customized treatment ?

Contoura vision maps 22,000 unique points on your cornea as compared to lasik which maps 200 points. This allows the laser to create a treatment profile which is completely unique to your eyes.

  • What is super vision ?

With Contoura vision, more than 2/3rd patients are reading one line better than what they could with their glasses.

  • What happens when I move my eye during surgery ?

Wavelight Contoura offers the fastest eye tracker in the world, which means the laser delivers accurate results even with involuntary eye movements.

  • How long will the surgery last ?

Contoura vision is not only the safest but also the fastest laser, the entire procedure lasts less than 15 mins.

  • Is Contoura permanent ?

Yes, the results of Contoura last a lifetime.

  • How soon can I return to normal activities after LASIK surgery ?

You can return to normal activity the next day, however, rest is advised for a few days.

Benefits of Contoura :

  • Better quality of vision
  • Soothing painless experience
  • Fastest speed meaning quick recovery
  • Reduction in glare
  • Decreased light sensitivity
  • Reduced night time driving difficulty
  • Reduced difficulty in reading